My name is Laura, and i come from Holland.
You will think what does a Holland girl here in this forum.
Aristar, i met him in Egypt and i don't know that he was a moviestar in Russia.
But it was really funny, all the people there want a picture from him, and his friend.
I don't remember his name but he's playing in the same movie as Aristar, big blond boy.
They always talking about the Russia Soccerclub, Moscou..
But i don't know:P
I don't know much about him, but you can ask him about me, and i know he will remeber me;)
After we kissed in Egypt, he told me that he was moviestar, and i don't beleave him..
Untill he turned on the tv in his room and he showed me.
Also his little sister is very sweet, Marcia.
She never wanted to sleep, she alsways wanted to stay awaked.
Aristar is a good brother for Marcia.
After Egypt i never saw hem again, but i have a little present from him, and i still have it.
It was really sweet.
I can't read Russia, but i have a translater on my computer so i can read it in english.
I just know, that Aris is a very sweet boy, and if he reads it, he can email me.
Because the last email i have from him was 3 months ago..
Kissis from Holland,